Sunday, 31 January 2010

Welcome to Radical Joe

Hello, and welcome to Radical Joe, an all-inclusive blog for those willing to think impartially.

First, a mission statement. It is my intention in writing this blog to comment on the news stories of the day, in order allow a new perspective on events to be discussed. I hope that you find what I have to write interesting, since in my opinion, writing should be something that engenders thought and discussion. I hope that even if you disagree with what I write, you appreciate that this blog is intended as a forum for ideas. Call it idea-sharing. I am strongly of the opinion that you can learn from writers with whom you disagree, and yet many of us select newspapers with the most similar political bent to ourselves.

I do not intend to use this blog as a means to advance a partisan agenda. Indeed, in the spirit of 'Radical' Joe Chamberlain, it is ideology which transcends label. The underlying ideology of this blog is that ideas and discussion are fun. Besides, I'm nowhere near important enough to have any sort of agenda to advance.

I will endeavour to write this blog regularly, and even if you just read it in passing, I thank you, and please comment/e-mail me. I look forward to sharing ideas with you.

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